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Getting a New Handbag

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions Answered

We are looking for any attractive pieces that would fit in the home:

  • Items that are no longer needed or no longer fit in your decor but are clean and desirable.

  • Small Furniture in good condition, not requiring any repairs. (Occasional Chairs and Tables)

  • Decor items, table and floor lamps, mirrors, frames and similar

  • Retro and Vintage Collectibles and Electronics*

  • Art and Object d’art (desirable items from the 70’s and 80’s – prints, oil paintings, sculpture, artist signed items)

  • Frames, Framed Art and Paintings.

  • Household Linens (Table linens, curtains, doilies, etc. - New and UN-opened Only) - Seasonal

  • Designer / Fashion Accessories (better quality jewelry, handbags, watches, etc.).

    • Designer items must have valid proof of authenticity.

  • Seasonal decor items – Holiday based – 90 days prior to the holiday.

  • You can e-mail photos of items that you would like to consign to
    All items at discretion of Store. All items must be Clean and Ready to place on the sales floor.
    *Electrical or electronic equipment must be in working order.

Consignments are by appointment only!

  • Please contact us at 470-870-2769 so that we can put you on our calendar to bring in your items.

  • At this time we are "LIMITED" for new Consignments. Please contact us directly for more information.

  • Consignor must provide a list of items for Consignment. Items without a documented list will not be accepted.

  • Consignments are received by Appointment only and as scheduled.

  • Limit of 30 items per appointment.

  • In Home appointments can also be scheduled for collections or larger items.

  • Consignments are received at one of our designated locations, information will be provided upon appointment scheduling.

  • We do not offer a Pickup service

  • We do not offer a "Drop and Run"service at this time.

  • Donations - From time to time we accept donations that fit into our resell offerings. If you have items that  your considering for donation, give us a call to discuss your items.
    Proceeds from Donated items will be split among local Non-Profit Organizations. These include the following:
    Northeast Georgia Humane Society
    The Arts Council
    My Sisters Place

Our Consignment Terms effective
June 1st, 2023.

We follow a 75 day Consignment Period

Markdowns change as follows:

Day 1- 18 - Full Initial Price

Day 19 - 37 - 15% off initial price

Day 38 - 57 - 30% off initial price

Day 58 - 75 - 50% off initial price


Additional discounts are typically not offered, however we are glad to contact our Consignors should a reduction of the price result in selling the item.

Selected new and re-sell items that are not Consigned, may be placed on Sale or discounted at the discretion of the store.

Our Made In USA items from Local Artisan's as well as small businesses - are 10% of the tagged price. (Look for the USA Flag on these items)

You can contact us directly by phone at 470-870-2769 or by email -

You can also review the documents at these links:

Thinking about Consigning?

Consignment Details and Policy

Consignment Contract

Consignor Merchandise Log

What items are you looking for?

Can we drop off items that we would like to get rid of?

Are the prices at your store negotiable?

What if I have more questions?

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